Dress up for Halloween without wearing a costume!

Just because you love Halloween doesn't mean you're into costumes. But you don't have to be that person without a costume. Harness your Halloween spirit with these easy DIY ideas that will add a pinch of Halloween in your normal wear.

FIRST - Choose your favorite Halloween patch, we have: black cats, skeletons and the biggest collection of skull here!

Halloween Earrings or Pins

You can make something permanent or temporary. For temporary, I used sticky Velcro tape. You stick one side on your earring or pin and the other on the Tattoo It patch. Press hard so it sticks all night long. Quick tip: I used my Christmas earrings; they aren’t really of use at this time of the year!

If you want permanent, you can use Hot Glue. It’s really effective.


Halloween Hair accessories

For the hair band, find an old hand band that fits your head or find a long elastic and tie a not into it. Again I used the sticker Velcro tap on the patch and on the headband. For a more permanent use, the hot glue is not a good idea, because of the elasticity of the hair band it won’t work. The best way is to sew the patch with a few stitches. Et Voilà!







Now you can rock your Halloween look!!!



Here are some of our other Halloween patches. You can even find some in our sale section. Yes! Show us your Halloween DIY projects with #tattooithalloween


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