5 ways to apply a Patch on a Shirt, Jacket, Backpack (Best step-by-step Guide)

You have your awesome new patches in hands but are not sure how to apply them? Here is a complete step by step guide that will help you decide which method is best suited for your use and show you exactly how to apply your patches. 












sticker patches for school

Method 1 - Peel & Stick

This method is the simplest and quickest way to start using your Tattoo it sticker patches! The application is suitable for ALL fabrics and surfaces. The patch can be removed at any time. You can stick the patch back on 4 to 6 times depending on which type of surface it was used on before.

If you use this method, do NOT launder your item as the patch will come off. We recommend spot cleaning your patch instead or removing the patch before washing the item. You can replace it once your item is dry.

Best for use on:

  • Any hard surface such as: cell phone, laptop, book, helmet, furniture or wall.
  • Leather: jacket, purse or bag.
  • Coated or waterproof fabrics, nylon fabrics: sports or rain coat, umbrella.
  • Any other fabric BUT for a temporary use only.


  1. Remove the patch from the package and peel paper backing.
  2. Place the sticker patch on a clean surface and press firmly on all edges.
  3. Your good to GO!

Rose patchGeometric Paper Plane unicorn patch emoji patch

Method 2 - Iron-on

This method is recommended if you want a more permanent application. You can use this method on both our iron-on patches and our sticker patches

We suggest you hand wash your clothing with this option to extend the life of your patch. Do not machine dry.

Best for use on:

  • Any natural, tight-weave fabrics like denim, cotton, linen or wool.


  1. Verify the care instructions on the label of your item to make sure it can be ironed.
  2. Set iron temperature to "cotton" + no steam. (Must be DRY)
  3. Place the patch on garment. (Careful! There is no turning back!)
  4. Cover the patch with a clean piece of fabric such as a cotton tea towel or a protective ironing cloth (see an example here on Amazon), to protect it from the heat.
  5. Iron-on for 30-45 seconds and press firmly on all edges.
  6. Let the item cool down.
  7. Turn item inside out and iron for another 30-45 seconds.
  8. If the edges of the patch can be lifted, repeat 5 to 7.
  9. If not, perfect, your done!
* For synthetic fabrics or items that will be frequently washed, please consider sewing the patch. (Method #3)

    space patchesbulldog patchcherries patchrainbow patch

    Method 3 - Sewing

    Sew on your patch for the most permanent application to fabrics. We recommend using an "invisible" nylon thread for the best appearance, like this one by Singer that you can purchase from Amazon (See SINGER Clear Invisible Nylon Thread, 135-Yard). Any other thread that matches the patch color will look great too!

    You can laundry your patches with this option but hand wash will extend the life of your patch. We also recommend to avoid machine dry. 

    Best for use on:

    • Any fabric that won't support the heat of an iron: coated or waterproof fabrics, nylon fabrics.
    • Clothing areas where patches will be put to the test such as knee repairs.
    • Any fabric with stretch. Stretch fabric is hard on the glue backing of the patch, sewing it will help keep your patch in place despite your movements.
    • Any item that needs to be frequently washed.


    1. Place patch on fabric using the sticker backing patches or needle pins.
    2. Sew around the patch edge using small, dense stitches by hand or using a sewing machine.
    3. Make sure your end knots are tight and secure as nylon thread can be a little slippery to work with. 
    4. Voilà!


    knee patchesknee repair patchkoi fish patchsew patch


    Method 4 - Velcro

    If you know you will want to replace the patches frequently on your item to change the style, we suggest you use velcro. This would be great a great option on a backpack, military vest or a cap!

    You can buy sticky or iron-on velcro tape that has 2 parts, the hook and the loop side. We recommend you use the loop side on your item so it does not stick to other fabrics in the laundry. You can apply the hook side to your patches. For a more permanent hold, we recommend sewing the loop side on your item. The hook side on the patch can either be sticked or ironed-on.

    You can easily find the sticky velcro tape on Amazon. (See VELCRO Brand 90075 - Sticky Back - 3 1/2 x 3/4 Strips)


    1. Cut and place the loop side of the velcro tape on your clothing or accessories following instructions.
    2. Cut and place the hook side of the velcro tape on your patches. If you bought sticky velcro tape, you peel & stick, iron-on will need your hot iron.
    3. Voilà!


    velcro tape patch cap

    Method 5 - Glue

    If you need an extra sticky strength to glue your patches on fabrics or you want to use iron-on patches on other surfaces such as leather, we recommend using glue. Fabric glue can also be used on your older patches partly peeled off your clothes because of machine dry. (We told you not to use the dryer! :P ) 

    There are all sorts of glue out there, but this fabric glue is a best seller on Amazon. (See Aleene's Fabric Fusion) You will want to use contact style glue on leather and other surfaces.

    patches for shoes


    Quick Comparaison Chart

    We really hope this guide will help you use your Tattoo it PATCHES on everything! There are so many possibilities! Here is an additionnel quick comparaison chart we did to summarize and help you take a decision on the best method to use.

    comparaison chart how to apply patch


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