Lucky Few Tattoo - Enamel Pin #1 - Down's Syndrome (1$ will be donated)


Prix régulier $10.00 CAD

We are proud to offer these "Lucky Few" enamel pins. We will give 1$ to the "Regroupement pour la Trisomie 21" for each enamel pin sold on the web. Choose your favorite design.

Parents around the world are getting inked with matching tattoos which feature three arrows to raise awareness about Down's Syndrome.

The tattoo represents the three sets of chromosomes that people with Down's Syndrome have and the arrows also symbolise rising up and moving forward.

Thanks to a client of ours that asked us to create a pin with this symbole that she could offer to people working with her son, people who still want to show there love and awareness about Down's Syndrome without getting ink can now where the pin!

To learn more:

Choose from our 2 designs in black & silver (unisex):

  1. Lucky Few Arrows
  2. Lucky Few Circle (see the other pin design)

We alos have the matching KEY CHAIN here!

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